Monday, June 22, 2009

Important Notes about Your Stay at the Cabin

Welcome to the Painter Family Cabin!
We hope you enjoy your stay with us in our home and that you will take care of it the way you would your own.

Check Out is 10 AM and Check in is 3PM

Small Side
Phone Number: No Phone
Big Side
Phone Number: 530-541-1600

Please Read Carefully

1. Garbage: VERY IMPORTANT! No Garbage is to be left outside at ANY time of the year along Jameson Beach. We have a serious bear problem. There is a bear proof garbage dumpster down Jameson Beach Road about 100 yards on your right. Be sure to put the garbage on the INSIDE of the dumpster and re-lock at once.

2. Housekeeping: Upon your departure- Please do have the dishes clean and put away, Firewood on hearth, sheets off the bed and stacked with any towels near the back door. The house keeper will be in immediately after your stay.

3. Beds: Each Single bed has a pillow, blanket and bed pad and each Queen has 2 standard pillows, 2 king pillows, blankets, and bed pad. Please leave the unused beds with this set up. The beds are not made up, each has a full sheet set and towel set.

4. Towels: Please do not use the white towels for anything except bath use, Do not use white towels for deck or beach. Bring your own Beach Towels.

5. Refrigerator: Please take or throw away all perishables before you leave.

6. Deck Furniture: Each side has the use of one table, one bench. The Big Side will have 6 chairs and two chaise and the Small side 4 chairs and one chaise.

7. BBQ’s: There are two BBQ’s. One is a smallish Weber style and another is a larger custom made rectangular unit. Both are charcoal. IMPORTANT- Please cover the BBQ’s (once cooled) Daily. We do not provide charcoal or lighter fluid (but often there is some leftover). Under the cover in the rectangular unit there is a bucket that holds accessories and brush, please replace it when finished. No fires in BBQ’s other than to cook!

8. Water system: We have an instant hot water system (located by the washer and dryer in the big side). Occasionally it needs to be reset. Please reset at 120 degrees. The controls are to the right of the washer on the wall.

9. Games are in the drawer in the downstairs bedroom, or under the TV or in the small side in the hall closet.

10. If you are renting both sides- Please don’t mix up the dishes, glasses, utensils, pots, pans etc...

11. Supplies: It is good to plan on using your own paper towels, toilet paper, food staples, soaps but you are welcome to use anything here as long as you replenish it for the next guests.

12. The beach use is for our guests only. Our beach is ONLY available at low water. It is only directly in front of the deck, so please use the ramp to access. The beach immediately to the right is NOT OUR BEACH and we should not be using it. During high water years, the deck is the only way to enjoy the water, you are welcome to use the Camp Richardson beach on the other side of the marina. There are two other beaches with in walking distance- Pope to the east and Kiva/Baldwin on the other side of the resort and historic sites.

13. Our neighbors, including the marina, are life long friends and acquaintances, it is important to us we keep a good relationship with all. Please respect their privacy of home and beaches. The Resort clientele is NOT to use our beach for ANY reason. Please politely remind those who park their boats and jet skis to move them to the other side of the marina or to the pier. If you need more help, please contact the Marina manager next door.

14. Emergency Numbers: Thomas Painter 415-261-3724 or 415-924-2127 Matt Painter 415-516-5079 Stacey Knouse 916-332-9964 or Dave Painter 415-497-7882

15. Driveway parking: The sand and surface of the property is fragile therefore We limit the number of cars to 4 for the big side and 2 for the small side. For the big side please park parallel to the east fence in a line careful to not park off the driveway. The small side parking is to the left and parallel to the west fence.

16. Pet policy: We are close to having a strict no pet policy because of complaints. As it is now, you need special permission and leave a required pet deposit upon making reservations. Please do not leave your pets alone in the home, they will bark and will cause complaints. Please be in control of your pet at ALL times. If you are sharing the deck with another renter, please keep your pet on your half of the deck. Pick up all pet waste immediately!

17. Closing the cabins upon departure: Heat must get to all plumbing fixtures.

a. Please leave bathroom windows CLOSED and bathroom doors OPEN with toilet seats UP
b. Please close all windows
c. Please close all bedroom doors
d. Please leave cupboard doors under sink OPEN
e. Please clear the area in front on the heaters
f. Leave thermostat set at 55 for summer and 60 for winter. NEVER TURN THE HEATER OFF ENTIRELY, set to lowest temp if you want it to not run.
g. On the large side, please leave upstairs fan on low.

18. Other Import Notes:

-Please leave key in the lock box after each use.
-In the high use summer months, there will be two permits on each side to provide easy pass through the parking kiosk at Camp Richardson.
-Light switches are sometimes hard to find.... dining light on large side is part of the fan switch, the kitchen light in the small side is behind the fridge.
-Be sure the TV is on channel 3 or 4 for Direct TV to work

Please visit our website and if you would like to contribute a blog…feel free ….. or email us at

Thank you for being our guests…… ENJOY !

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